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Self Portrait

I used a lot of digital photography for my Self Portrait. I thought about what is important in my life, and what makes me who I am. I used photographs of important people in my life, those who have had a significant impact on who I am today. For the background I used all imagery of water. Places I've been and scenery I've loved. I find it a calming and stress relieving experience to just sit by water. For the larger image of me I wanted it to look fun, because I think of myself as a fun, friendly person. I had someone take this photo for me but I chose the one I think fits my personality well. I had fun blending layers to make other things appear, I also used the opacity tool a lot.


I like the way you incorporated digital photography into your self portrait.. all of the photographs seem to go together really well.. espcially the colors. The image of the sunset pops out to me the most.