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Jungle Animals

For my final piece I wanted to create an animation that resembles a childrens book. I drew all the animals by hand and then scanned them in. I created all of the backgrounds digitally and added the animals in afterwards. I wanted the color scheme to be fun and bright, so that kids would be interested. I kept some detail in the animals, but mainly kept it to the basic shapes. I also added text of the animal as a learning device. My Quicktime movie is appox 50sec long. I would love to continue this animation and add several other animals in time. I would also like to do a voice over with a childrens voice saying the letter and the word. I also had some problems with photoshop not cooporating with my animation and so that's why when some of the animals are suppose to disappear and reappear they are simly overlapping. This is something I will be fixing with more time.

Download file


send me an jungle animation

Hi Kretz, nice animation, great for kids indeed! Did you draw the animals from a picture or just your imagination?

with kind regards,