July 14, 2005

Digital Divide at BSM

The digital divide at my school can probably be focused in 2 areas. Funding and Professional Development. We have one Science program that is self supported through private donations and has cutting edge technology. The program offers 2 elective courses and has maybe 75 students in it (900 total students in the high school). The rest of the departments fund technology through their own budgets. They are able to do a few things with technology, but are very limited due to funding.

Professional Development is in place, however due to the lack of funding for many departments the technnology is not there. We can provide training to the teachers, but if they don't have the software and access to it for their students there is not a lot of interest. I guess Access would be a third area. We have 2 mobile carts and a lab in the library that are almost constantly booked.

Posted by krieg061 at July 14, 2005 12:06 PM