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the bubble


I live in a bubble. The comfortable world of academia. Someday soon, my bubble of classes, campus, dinkytown, east como, and all the people and interactions and experiences that accompany will begin to stifle me and I’ll have to go find a different one. But it’s so tempting to never leave. Academia doesn’t fit neatly into the deconstructed analyses of phenomena, but it’s one as much as any other; it’s a culture, a philosophy, a disease. The things aren’t really things per se, as the very essence of academia is rationalism, physical objects such as notebooks, books, and pens fall into the trivial category of mental paraphanelia. The real units of the phenomena of academia are the minds of individuals, glowing and communicating and progressing. Frameworks are the arraingements we fall into; the choreography of learning. Grouping together in a class for the collective feeding off of the presumed mental superiority of a proffessor, the barely disguised mental competition of study groups and discussions, floating on a sea of caffiene and words in a coffee shop. Clockworks are the arduous beurocratic details that really have no place in the rationalistic philosophy, which states that, given time, no proverbial mountain is too high for the human brain. We do, however, live in a society that compartmentalizes life, hence the need for things like deadlines and class times and highly ordered semesters. What an appealing lifestyle. Everything revolves around the constant progress of knowledge, the abilities of the human brain. It’s so unmaterialistic. On the other hand, it can also be used as a protective shield for those who would rather spend life absorbing rather than producing for fear of judgement and rejection. It’s easy to become blinded to the fact that the real world doesn’t always filter into the exclusive world of “going to college?, and as much as it can enlighten, it can also serve as a barrier to life experience. At this point though, it’s exactly where I want to be.