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The one thing missing from the FAB reading, was a dissident. Such a one sided article, and if this really is as pertinent and tangible as the author would have us believe, then it seems some caution should be taken before getting quite so hung ho; as theuth would say... The author admitted that ideologically the idea of personal fabrication was a reversion of sorts, back to a tool using culture. Because in essence what he speaks of is selling the most powerful, capable tool in all of history. One that can build anything, a multi tool on steroids. What he fails to ananlyze is how our economy and our culture, our way of living will be effected by this. He speaks of the benefits to undeveloped societies, but the fact is that while PF's are cutting edge technologically, ideologically they're not that far removed from the way those economies operate. Throwing something like that into our culture would have far more of an effect. Unfortunately, that sort of a revalation is about as far as my knowledge of economics and corporate America will take me; I can shake my finger but not really say anything of substance. I can only imagine how powerful of an effect this might have on a mindset that has become accustomed to being told what it wants, and all of a sudden has the capacity to decide and make whatever it wants.
Kahn's genius is as broad as his disregard for common english grammar, but one can't blame him for trying to sound complicated. Silence is that which drives us to create, but I don't think every human has that drive. I also don't understand his abhorrance for non natural lighting. The lightbulb fights the sun, yes, but it seems to be far too much of a personal preference to have much logic behind it.