September 11, 2006

Monday Sept. 11

As I was reading Bill McKibben's Crossing the Red Line he included numerous author's books (9-10 to be exact) that his subtitle indicated (-From The New York Review of Books.) He often incorporated other author's works and their own ideas to the latest scientific ideas and questions. For instance, editor of The Economist, Vijay Vaitheeswaran believes that investments should be in small-scale power plants and using renewable sources of energy rather than the ever so pricey nuclear power. I think the idea of using wind and solar in converting hydrogen to usable energy is both environmentally healthy and better than the hydrogen fuel cell. This is because greenhouse gases are still released when the initial H is obtained from natural gas.
I think James Speth's list of environmental changes are exactly what this materialistic nation needs to hear. He says the most fundamental transition is that needed in culture and consciousness.