February 22, 2005


Now that all of our projects are officially starting, I decided to download each of the design aids so that I might follow along with the book in what I would like to do for my final project... let me tell you - it was a lot of downloading! Sometimes, I think that someday I might like to change careers and get into instructional design outside of the school classroom- but other days I look at that pile of papers and decide that I am just not ready!
I am however, hoping to get involved in training in the business world. My cousin is starting a company in Minneapolis that is based out of Colorado. The company offers large businesses a three in one communication system including long distance, phone and internet through what I think is called a PBX system. It is an enormous board that runs the three and companies buy space on this board. What I may be hired to do this summer, is actually go into the companies to train the employees on how to use this product after they have bought it and it has been installed. I know that they already have a training system in place in Colorado so I won't have input on the training- but it will be fun to see a productive design. I am really excited to learn more!

Posted by kroo0017 at February 22, 2005 1:24 PM