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ll Cookies Are Equal or, What is a Cookie

Convention would have it that a well and good cookie should: A) Have a proven and repeatable recipe; B). Utililze culturally established and recognized flavours and : C). Not explore textures and ingredients that are not of typical practice; D). Are in 12 count serving quantites and individual serving size should not be more than (two) 2 modest bites: Moreover, E). Cookies are not needing individual/bulk packaging or offered with napkins to be enjoyed safely: F). They necessarially need to be baked - though they can then be served ambient or warm temperatures but should not require refrigeration once made. which further satisfies the expectation that they be crunchy or crumble on impact; G). While regularly offered with the basic mixed in ingredients such as flours, sugars and the like often the maker or recipe will 'dress' the cookie with frostings and/or nuts to further the crunch texture. Finally, they are presented as a form approximating spherical shape.

Wait a minute! This is a creative assignment demanding non-convention. So what if the cookies are each unique to its own . . . a sculpture if you please. And, moreover, why must they be baked, have a crunchy texture, use prepared, manufactured and artificial ingredients. Lets let them be hand formed and naturally grown, organic and fresh. Lets, furthermore, demand that the chosen materials determine by their very nature - the shapes, tastes textures and sizes.

here is the recipe

Cucumbers unpeeled 2
Raspberries hand picked and whole 6
Summer squash - Yellow 1

Slice to preferred thickness/size serve room or chilled temperature while fresh. Season with BLack Pepper or crushed herbs and nuts.

Sculpture Dough

1 cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup White Sugar
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt
1 Egg Medium
1/2 cup Milk
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Soda
3/8 Stick butter Salted

Blend all, Form shapes of the human face (i.e. nose, ears, eyebrows, ears, hair). After baking at 385 degrees F and cooled a couple minutes then decorate topically with cream Cheese and natural cocoa with rapsberry juice for colouring. Press out cheese through garlic mincer press.

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Sorry. I confess. To be safe I Conformed half way I made two recipes Traditional and as I wanted - Uniquely fresh

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