November 30, 2004

National Treasure

The most recent movie that I have seen was national treasure. Actually I had to see it twice because a friend wanted to see after I had seen it. This right away is a sign that I liked the movie enough to see it twice. It was a disney movie so it was rated PG. This I thought held the movie back a little, since there was no witty use of swear words or sexual content, but the movie magically with only a PG rating was very good. It is a clue by clue treasure hunt that is actually pretty interesting about our founding fathers, even though its not true, nonetheless I would suggest it to all.

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Purpose Statement

The purpose of this blog is to have a movie review cite, so others can read about a movie and see if they want to watch it or just talk about new or old movies that they have seen. I watch a lot of movies and would like to know what others think about them.

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