December 14, 2004

Blade: Trinity

I'm not sure if many of you have seen the previous two blade movies the first was pretty good, the second one was not very good but Blade trinity was much more than I expected. Jessica Beil who is not bad to look at, and Ryan Reynolds from Van Wilder who gives a little comic relief much of the same as in Van Wilder. Plus new weapons and a new cheesy story line but it is worth watching if you liked the first blade movie. In this movie the vampires awaken the first vampire ever who is said to be perfect, and can walk in the day light like blade so it will make for a good battle scene at the end.

Posted by krzm0013 at 4:15 PM

December 7, 2004

The OC

Not sure if anyone else out there watches the oc, but I recently got hooked when my roomate brought home the season 1, we couldn't stop watching it. It is about a kid who is from the other side of the tracks pretty much, and gets in trouble with the law and then his public defender takes him in and he is from Newport a very weathly area in California. After being there for a while sees that he could very well get in more trouble there than where hes from, but he sticks it out and tries to be good, when hes not beating up rich waterpolo kids. I guarantee if you watch this show you will get hooked, I do suggest starting from the beginning.

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I recently saw the movie Hero with Jet Li, it was okay except it bounces around a lot and the subtitles really throw you off. It is about a story of assassinating the ruler, because his army killed Jet Li's family years ago. It has pretty cool fight scenes much like Crouching tiger. The movie leaves you a little disatisfied, atleast that is what I thought. My take on this movie is if you have alot of time to kill, and you've whatched all of your good movies then you can rent this one.

Posted by krzm0013 at 2:52 PM