January 28, 2008

Community mindset

What are some ways to change a community mindset?


We would like to begin discussing these concepts in our community. How do we start?


How can we re-invent the concept of authority in our society?

Honor seeking

At the community level how can we help to move from the problems associated with seeking (or avenging) "my honor" to seeking your or our or others' honor?

Vision of the future

If social toxicity continues to have an increasingly negative influence on children's development and we are unable to turn the problems around, what do you envision for our future? What will society look like in 20 years?

Adult bullying

What are some effective ways for responding to bullying from another adult in a workplace setting?

Setting boundaries

Many of the families I work with have a permissive parenting style, which lacks routine and is disorganized. The children are bossy and show no respect for adults. I feel I am competing with the TV. Where does one begin to help families like these set boundaries? It seems so overwhelming.

Achievement gap

Minnesota has one of the worst achievement gaps between white children and children of color in the country. What are your thoughts on this from a social toxicity perspective?

Large schools

Do you have suggestions for large schools (1000+) on how they can create an atmosphere which feels like a small school community?

Perfect size

What is a "perfect" size for a 9-12 high school in America?


What are some practical ways to reduce the toxicity that comes from cyberspace?

Fast pace

Please discuss how the fast pace of our society relate to the rights of children (i.e. overscheduling, a lack of unstructured play).

Corporate America

Please comment on the "contributions" corporate America has had on social toxicity (i.e. Enron, MCI, sub-prime lending). What do we do about it?

When to bail?

With this analogy in mind: Two frogs are in boiling water. The first frog is in the water and it is slowly heated to boiling. The frog is boiled to death. The second frog is thrown into the boiling water and jumps right back out to stay alive.

How bad does the US toxic culture need to get before you will need to jump out to stay alive?

UN Convention

Why do you think the US has refused to ratify the UN Convention for the Rights of Children?


How is today's social toxicity different from early 1900's with the immigration and ghettos in large cities? How can we learn from what we did 100 years ago?

Parenting in poverty

What are some suggestions to work with young parents who are raising their children in poor neighborhoods? What are key points to working with young motherless children?


Can you address the social toxin of parents who act like children? Where does this come from? To what effect?


What is the role or impact of divorece in our society as it relates to social toxicity?

Intergenerational Toxicity

How do you work with and help parents who have been raised in a socially toxic environment?