February 4, 2008

Photos Blog 1



Blog Prompt 1

All living and moving things in the world transform and change. Cities are even more diverse in how they function, since there are more people trying to live, grow and obtain their goals--and this takes planning on the cities part from how to connect roads so as not to block traffic, the mass transit system, plumbing, businesses, or any other need residents have (in other words flow). All of these functions take energy, not to mention the nature of weather and the cityscape natural environments of plants and animals.

When all aspects of the city are put together, and even more so when combined with multiple cities throughout the world, it creates a complex structural system that is the beauty of humankind.

January 28, 2008

ARCH 1701

ARCH 1701: The Designed Environment

This is the blog project for this class, and definitely the first time I have ever used one before--so this should be a new experience and work in progress. I'm looking forwards to it!