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My future, dateline, and the Newspapers

The whole time I sat watching dateline I was biting my nails. I do this when I'm nervous, unsure, uncomfortable, and scared...And that is exactly what all of those Dateline segments did to me. In fact, I don't really have great nails anymore because these past two years the journalism school has basically said "yea...you might not find a job but don't worry what you are learning is really important...but just maybe won't be needed in the future." I guess that's a different blog for a different day...BUT is scares me to think a timeless medium of communication could be something I look at in a museum someday.

I know that newspapers are lying off people like crazy, and soon enough, if not already, we will be able to see the consequences of that. Less coverage, less interesting stories...less everything. And then where will the bloggers go to get their information, and where will loyal blog followers go to get theirs? I don't understand the impact blogging will have yet, but I’m sure along with all the great things it has done, there will be some regrets.

I am so frustrated and confused about the future of journalism. People I know are dropping out of the Journalism school and are going to spend an extra year to get a different degree. Professors don’t seem too hopeful for their aspiring students, maybe with the exception of Professor Stern. In 2006 it was so different (when I started school). I feel like everything just started falling apart in a flash of a second. Watching dateline to say the least was depressing. I'm not even out in the work force yet and I feel like I've been laid off. What will all of these smart journalist do? And what can they do when money dictates everything. There must be some solutions, and I look forward to discussing them in this class. I don't think the guy on the Daily show has the solution though, how can we possibly go back and start charging people. I can't believe TIME even published his ideas...it's not like that's an original idea or anything.

I ask myself if I have contributed to this. Yes, I have. I have helped nearly kill (or at least make pretty sick) the profession that I want to go into someday. I read online news, I use craigslist and I rarely buy a paper. I mean what can one say after watching that Dateline. "Yah! I'm so happy I'm going to school for journalism." I do respect the honesty of my professors, but just as the media has to think of new innovations to pick themselves up, professors need to do the same thing with their students. People in the J school, at least my peers, are not feeling optimistic. We need our school to back us up. In the face of adversity, they've run and hidden from us.