Records Analysis

I found a story on about how the White House has lost some of it's records on who has come to visit. The story is based on looking through the log of people that must provide their names and reasons for visiting the White House. Someone noticed that there were many names that are not there, and some names thats shouldn't be there. Since these records were held as reliable for so long, it makes people question whether or not they have always been accurate. The reporter would have needed to have access to the records online and have had computer skills for researching the subject to find if this was true. They also posted a text link in their story to a picture, which also requires some computer skill.

Bighead Carp Found in St. Croix River

A bighead Asian carp weighing 27 pounds, was found in the St. Croix river state conservation officials told the Star Tribune, Wednesday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the carp they caught is now being used by Minnesota officials to rally support and awareness of invasive fish species such as that one.

The Star Tribune reported, that there is no evidence that the species is reproducing in those waters at the time. It is a rare occurence, and it's possible that the fish migrated up from the lower mississippi.

The Department of Natural Resources told the Chicago Tribune that this species could seriously harm the Minnesota's auquatic ecosystems and natural fish species.

These bighead carp are a threat because of the large amounts of plankton they consume. On top of that, the native fish are no competition for food and habitat, the Star Tribune.

Police in Mexico Rescue 68 People Kidnapped

Mexican authorities told the Associated Press that they rescued 68 people, who allegedly kidnapped by a drug cartel located in northern Mexico, the Star Tribune reported.

This group, according to Forbes, included 12 Central American migrants. They were found in the border city of Reynosa, Texas.

The police received a tip to that led them to check everything out, the Star Tribune said, that's when they ran into two armed men.

Forbes reported that a statement from the department says the two gunmen were hiding in the house where the victims were being held.

Michelle Obama's Plane Aborts Landing

The mistake of an air traffic controller on Monday caused a White House plane carrying Michelle Obama to abort it's landing at Andrews Air Force Base, the Star Tribune reports.

The plane came much too close to a military cargo jet weighing 200-tons, federal officials told the Star Tribune.

Federal officials said that the controllers feared the landing time between the two aircrafts would be too close together. It was thought that the cargo jet would not clear the runway before the first lady's plane landed, MSNBC said.

In Warrenton, VA., where the mistake was made, the Federal Aviation Administration has a team of investigators to examine the situation, the Star Tribune said. The FAA has already been dealing with issues involving contollers such as sleeping on the job.

Likely That Sparks Caused Minn. Mine Fire

The fire last month in Soudan Underground Mine State Park, was probably caused by the sparkes produced by maintenence, the Star Tribune said.

The park manager, Jim Essig, told Duluth News Tribune that it is not likely the mine will be open this summer for tours, although visitors are welcome above ground.

The damage from the fire in the mine included "charred timbers and melted PVC pipes and electrical wiring," the Star Tribune said.

When the fire started, there were crew members in the lowest 600 feet of the mine shaft, according to Duluth News Tribune.

The Star Tribune reports that the cost of repairs and cleanup is still unknown, but experts will be finding out shortly.

Dayton Earned Considerably More Money in the Last Year

Gov. Mark Dayton made $671,724 last year, which is far more than what he made the previous year, which was a reported $172,472 according to The Republic.

The Star Tribune reports that these figures are the earnings he recieved from his investments.

Dayton released his tax information at a time when he was pushing for a proposal to raise taxes for the higest earners in Minnesota. He falls into that category, according to the Star Tribune.

Included in the $671,742 that he earned last year, was $407,665 from selling 8,431 shares of stock in the Target Corporation, The Republic reported.

According to the Star Tribune, these shares were purchased in August, 1930.

Inmate at Anoka County Jail Dies

An inmate in the Anoka County jail died Saturday after he was found hanging in his cell window Thursday, the Star Tribune reported.

The inmate, 27-year-old Steven James Carroll, was found hanging by his bedsheet and was taken to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, the Anoka County Sheriff's Office told 5 Eyewitness News.

That area of the jail was in lockdown during the time of the incident. Carroll was checked on by jail personnel at 2:30 p.m., but only minutes later when they went to check on him again, they found him in the previously stated condition, the Star Tribune said.

Carroll was in jail on charges of felony domestic assault and secong degree burglary, and had only been in jail since Tuesday.

Nigeria Elections Full of Incidents

In the Presidential election on Saturday, Nigerians made it through with almost no violence problems which is unusual, the Star Tribune reported.

There have been at least 50 incidents found affecting around 120,000 polling stations around the country, Bloomberg Business Week said.

A statement from the Abuja-based Nigerian Election Situation Room reported some of these incidents as: children voting, intimidating the voters, and ballot-box snatching.

Not only were children able to vote in this election, the Star Tribune reported, but some of theparty officials were assisting the voters by helping them press their fingers to the paper when they needed an ink print.

Pawlenty Talks with Tea Partyers

Ex-Minnesota governor, Republican Tim Pawlenty, has been reaching out to tea party audiences, according to the Associated Press.

Pawlenty's goal is to win the GOP nomination, and to do this he will need to gain the support from diverse groups of people, the Associated Press reported.

At a tea party rally on Saturday, Pawlenty talked to around 200 tea party supporters about spending and the reach of government, according the Star Tribune.

Pawlenty told the Associated Press that he was reaching out to the tea party to introduce himself because he feels unknown to communities outside of Minnesota.

The Star Tribune reports that Pawlenty was well recieved by the crowd.

A Soldier from Minnesota Dies in Afghanistan

The Star Tribune reported that a 25-year-old soldier from Minnesota died while serving the Army in Afghanistan Friday.

Spc. Joseph A. Kennedy died after coming under small arms fire, according to 5 Eyewitness News. Kennedy was killed in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Friends of Kennedy told the Star Tribune that he "was killed by Afghan insurgents who attacked his Humvee."

According to 5 Eyewitness News, Kennedy was assigned to the "2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division out of Fort Knox, Ky."

He has been deployed since January and sacrificed a lot to devote himself to the Army, the Star Tribune reported.