Terrorist Sentenced to Life in Prison for Embassy Bombings

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Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was the first terrorist to be successfully prosecuted after being taken from a prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, according to the Star Tribune

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Ghailani, according to The Huffington Post, was the cook and bodyguard for Osama Bin Laden after bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

People say that this trial was a success in showing how America can hold terrorists accountable, but House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith told The Huffington Post that the trial was "a near disaster" because Ghailani was only convicted of one count even though he was charged with 285.

Attorney General Eric Holder said to the Star Tribune this case demonstrates that "we will not rest in bringing to justice terrorists who seek to harm the American people, and we will use every tool available to the government to do so".

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Hey Jael: You're doing a generally good job on the blog. One word of caution: Do not upload photos. It's good that you credited the Huffington Post, but it's best at this point to avoid using the images entirely unless you have permission. This is beginning to change a bit, and we can discuss that. But for now, no photos on the blog unless they're your own. GG

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