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Numbers Analysis

The article I picked was from the Star Tribune about Boehner and a budget compromise. Since the story is about a budget they use numbers to talk mostly about money in this article. The reporter used number mostly in dollar amounts and by rounding like saying "around $33 billion," and "more than $60 billion." The reporter also used number in quotes like "We control one half of one third of the government here in Washington," and in an exact number count like "the 87 freshmen Republicans."

I do not think that the numbers in this story are overwhelming because for the most part the reporter rounded to make it easier to look at, and wrote comparison phrases. I do not think that the reporter had to use much math to find these numbers, mostly just rounding up or down and searching for the right amounts. The only source that I found to the numbers listed was Biden, like when he said "confirmed by Biden." The rest of the numbers I suppose could be found by anyone because it's public information.

KDWB Apologizes For Hmong Parody Song

A parody to a rock song on the KDWB radio station has them apologizing after it joked about Hmong families, the Star Tribune said.

The song was performed by morning show producer Steve-O Latart, according to Fox 9. The Hmong community can't believe what was said in the song.

The lyrics went along to the tune of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven", according to the Star Tribune. The parody talked about "Hmong families crowding into homes and girls getting pregnant early and often," as a joke.

According to Fox 9, KDWB sent out an apology on Facebook saying that even though they got positive feedback from some Hmong listeners, they apologize to people who took it offensively. They said it was part of a new comedy series.

Experimenting with Microwave Technology to Fix Potholes

Researchers in Duluth are trying new ways to fix the potholes by using powerful microwaves to heat the mix at the exact site where the craters developed, the Star Tribune said.

KTTC also reports that this technology they're experimenting with provides a use for taconite waste.

David Hopstock, a Roseville, Minn.-based consultant, told the Star Tribune that this technology could be the way potholes are filled in winter months in the near future.

Hoptock said it doesn't usually work in the winter because of how fast the mix cools off, he is worried about the road patched not lasting, according to KTTC.

KTTC reports that they will need to do more tests to see how long the patches last.

Tabby Cat has Potential to Set a Record for Loudest Purr

A gray-and-white tabby named Smokey had it's purr measured by the British community college at 73 decibels, which according to the Star Tribune is 16 times louder than the average cat's purr.

When Smokey and it's owner, Ruth Adams, appeared on Today recently, according to Calorie Lab. The cat insisted on purring loudly throughout the entire interview.

The cat was first recognized when it's owner, Adams of England, decided on running a local competition for the most powerful purr, the Star Tribune said.

Adams plans on recording the pur and sending it to Guinness World Records, Calorie Lab says.

Fridley Man Admits to Robbery

An ex-con admitted to robbing a bank located inside a Fridley Cub Foods, according to the Star Tribune.

The robber, Joe Nathan Michael, 48, admitted to stealing $1,991 from the bank. He gave the teller a note with the message "Give money, I gun," the Fridley Patch reported.

According to the Star Tribune, Michael pleaded guilty to the robbery on Wednesday in federal court in Minneapolis

Michael faces a sentence of 20 years in prison for a single count of bank robbery, the Fridley Patch said. The hearing where he will be sentenced in not yet scheduled.

The criminal history of Michael include a felony robbery. domestic assault, gross misdemeanors for domestic assault, all in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said.

Russian Billionaire Buys Mansion in Silicon Valley

A Russian billionaire purchased a 25,500-square-foot mansion in Silicon Valley, the Star Tribune said. The mansion cost for $100 million and is belived to be the most anyone's ever paid for a single-family home in the U.S.

According to Mail Online, the billionaire investor bought the home as a second home, his primary home is in Moscow.

The billionaire, 49-year-old Yuri Milner, is the founder of a company called Digital Sky Technologies, the Star Tribune said.

Milner's company has a lot of money invested in Facebook, Mail Online reports, about $5 billion worth of Facebook's shares.

According to the Star Tribune, the property has a ballroom, wine cellar, gym, and a spa, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool.

Analysis: Obit

The obituary I read was written by the Star Tribune about Wilver A. Lee.

The sources used were a homicide investigator that knew Lee, the former vice chair of the city's Civil Rights Commission, and Lee's daughter.

It does not have the standard lead that includes the name, something notable, and when he died. The lead for this story starts by telling the reader something about the deceased. In this case, the reporter just seemed to want to let the reader know why this person in prominent enough to receive this story.

This lead works because it is interesting to know that he was one of only a few black cops when he joined the force. Writing this gets the readers attention and makes them curious to know a little more.

This differs from a resume because it doesn't go into specific detail about everything Lee has done, it mostly just focuses on the main point of the story that I believe the author was trying to make, which is that he was one of very few black cops and that he wanted integration.

Duluth Group Home Resident Struggled With Police

A 25-year-old resident of a Fairmont Park group home in Duluth was shot by a police officer after assaulting her and another officer whose gun he attempted to take away, police told Duluth News Tribune.

The man who suffered the gun shot wound was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said. His condition was not immediately available.

According to the Duluth Tribune, the incident with the police officer happened after he assaulted a staff member at the group home earlier that day.

Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay told the Star Tribune that the two officers who responded to the call discovered a fire in the home, but were met by the resident who attacked them. Ramsay said the shot was fired during the commotion.

Baby Dies From Being Run Over in StillWater

After being run over by it's mother in an SUV, a one-year-old baby died Monday, 5 Eyewitness News.

The mother helped her other child into their car seat, started her car, and and started backing out of the parking spot when she hit her 1-year-old in a stroller outside the Stillwater Medical Group Clinic, police said told the Star Tribune.

According to the 5 Eyewtiness News, the mother then took her baby back inside the Stillwater Medical Group. They provided immediate care and called 911.

The Star Tribune reported that the child was then taken to Regions Hospital.

Stillwater Police Chief John Gannaway said "The mother will not face charges, this was a very tragic accident," according to 5 Eyewitness News.

Metrodome Roof Repairs Begin

Installations on the Metrodome's new fiberglass roof will begin soon, according to the Star Tribune. The Dome's landlords received the first insurance payment for the collapse of the old roof.

The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission told Fox News that all $25 million associated with replacing the roof will be covered by insurance.

Commission Chair Ted Mondale, told the Star Tribune that he was confident they can finish the repairs needed for the Metrodome in time for the Minnesota Vikings' preseason schedule in August.

Officials told Fox News that they will be taking parts of the old roof off in sections and replacing panels as they go. Engineers made it clear that a partial repair would not be safe.

Arlington Cemetery Loses Track of Plot Reservations

According to the Washington Post, offcials at the cemetery are still unable to account for all the people burried there and the reservations that have been made.

The 624-acre, nation's premier military resting place, does not have any reliable data on the reservations that have been made. This system, according to Fox News, is against Army regulations.

The Washington Post reported that graves had been mismarked and unmarked. Urns had been dumped into dirt piles, and with all the money that put into trying to digitize the record system, it has still failed.

Kathryn Condon, who is the appointed executive director of the Army National Cemeteries Program, told the American Legion that she would do everything she can to restore the public's trust in Arlington, according to Fox News.

US Jet Crashes in Libya

After an equiptment malfunction, a U.S. fighter jet crashed in Libya, the Star Tribune said, and both crewmembers on board made it to safety.

The crewmembers were ejected from the plane, a US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle, according to Aljazeera.

One of the airmen landed in a field of sheep after being ejected, and was welcomed into the homes of civilians who appreciated him protecting their airways, the Star Tribune said.

The two men were flying during a "raid against anti-aircraft defences in the northeast of the country," Aljazeera said, but it is not known exactly what they were enganged in.

Small Plane Lands in St.Cloud on Jammed Gear

A single-engine airplane landed safely at the St. Cloud Regional Airport Saturday even though it had a jammed landing gear, Associated Press said.

The pilot was coming from northern Minnesota as part of a training exercise when he had to make the emergency landing, Steven Anderson, a local pilot who was at the scene, told the SC Times.

Associated Press said there were two fire engines, seven firefighters, St. Cloud police officers and ambulance crews there for the landing.

The pilot circled the landing strip about an hour as airport workers and authorities came up with a plan for a safe landing, SC Times said.

NJ Man Accused of Stabbing Ex-Wife 84 Times

Authorities told the Associated Press that a New Jersey man stabbed his ex-wife 84 times last summer, and when she was dead, covered her face with a Halloween pig mask.

Anthony Novellino of Denville was indicted on murder and weapons charges and faces a charge of "tampering with physical evidence in the indictment handed up Friday by a Morris County grand jury," The Bismarck Tribune said.

Novellino, 63, could face life in prison without parole if he is convicted, according to The Bismarck Tribune.

The couple had recently finalized their divorce when Novellino stabbed his ex-wife Judith Novellino in June. Their daughter found the body the next day.

Two People Killed in Brooklyn Center by Impaired Driver

An impaired driver tried to flee the scene after crashing into another car and killiing two people, the Star Tribune said.

The driver and the passenger of the vehicle that crashed into the other, were stopped from fleeing the scene by witnesses until police came, Kare 11 reported. The two were treated and are in custody at the Hennepin County Jail.

The victims were identified as 21-year-old Jessica Vallis of Minneapolis, and 22-year-old George Kaffey of New Hope, according to Kare 11, and both died at the scene.

"The driver had a revoked license for a prior DWI and a warrant for his arrest," Lt. Eric Roeske told Kare 11.

US Student Goes Missing in Spain

Police have stepped up the search to find 22-year-old Austin Bice, a San Diego State University student who went missing in Madrid according to the Associated Press.

Bice was studying abroad in Madrid, and when he went to a nightblub on Feb. 26 and never returned his host family got very alarmed, NY Daily News reported. The police at first did not take the situation seriously but began to do more after Bice's father arrived in Madrid.

The host family first noticed Bice was missing after they set out a plate to eat for him the next day and when he didn't come out to eat, they soon realized he wasn't in his room at all according to the Associated Press.

A classmate of Bice told the San Diego Union-Tribune that Bice was too drunk to get into the club so he decided to walk home and that was the last time he was seen.

Even with the police help, and missing posters from his friends and family, there has been no sign of the missing student, NY Daily News said.

A Baby Was Tossed in a Snow Bank By Mother

A 21-year-old mother threw her 18-day-old baby girl into a snow bank while she was fighting with the baby's father in Minneapolis on Saturday morning, the police told the Star Tribune.

After getting off of a bus, a witness called 911 for the child in the snow and then went to pick her up. The mother then came back and took the baby out of his arms until police came, the Fox 9 News reported.

The baby was only wearing a T-shirt and blanket when she was thrown into the snow, and her body temperature dropped to 95 degrees, according to the Star Tribune. She was released after being treated at Hennepin County Medical Center.

The mother of the baby was arrested and could face charges of child neglect and endangerment, police told the Star Tribune.

Fox 9 News indentified the mother of the baby as Ashley Renee Couch.

Speech Analysis

In the story written by CNN Money on Gov. Scott Walker's speech about his two-year budget plan, the reporter made a choice to explain more what the budget and budget repair bill will bring. In the press release, it shows that Walker made an emphasis on why he wanted to pass the budget repair bill. Walker said over and over that he wanted to make these changes for the future and for the children. He focused more on the two-year budget and what benefits that would bring. The story for CNN focused the story on explaining how the budget repair bill and the budget will actually work together because that is what the public needs to understand. This is news worthy because it explains to the readers how it will effect them. The reporter choose not to focus much on the "helping the children" angle that Walker emphasized so much.

70-Year-Old Man Shot Himself Outside of Police Department

A 70-year-old man drove to the St. Anthony Village police department parking lot, parked his SUV, got out of the car and shot himself "point blank" in the chest with a shotgun, according to the Pioneer Press.

The man was identified as Robert Hockert. John Ohl, St. Anthony police chief, told the Pioneer Press that Hockert will survive his injuries.

Ohl told the Star Tribune that Hockert was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in critical condition.

Someone passing by found Hockert on the ground with the gun next to him, and called 911, the Pioneer Press reported.

Hockert was not under investigation in St. Anthony and had no connection to the Police Department, Ohl told the Star Tribune.

Tiny Drones Mimic Birds and Insects

The Pentagon is paying millions of dollars for the development of tiny drones. These drones are inspired by biology, such as the one made to look like a hummingbird, and each are able to record video and audio, the Associated Press said.

The Star Tribune said smaller is better when it comes to these drones. They may be used for firefighters and police officers, but a good use would also be locating people after earthquakes or to detect chemical leaks.

"Besides the hummingbird, engineers in the growing unmanned aircraft industry are working on drones that look like insects and the helicopter-like maple leaf seed," the Associated Press reported.

These hummingbirds have a 6.5-inch wing span and weigh less than an AA battery according to the Star Tribune. They can fly up to 11 miles per hour, and are propelled only by the flapping of their two wings.

Man Beat His Wife to Death in Brooklyn Park

According to the Star Tribune, 54-year-old Henry Hickman beat his wife to death with a baseball bat and then allegedly left his sons in the basement while he put her body beneath a mattress and lit it on fire Friday night.

Before Hickamn was charged with second degree murder and two counts of attempted second-degree murder, investigators told KARE 11 that he "showed up at the VA Hospital around 5:15 a.m. Saturday morning and told employees that he thought he had killed his wife." Brooklyn Park police officers then went to the house and found it on fire.

"She's done and you're next," Hickman allegedly said to the man his wife was dating, "I'll find you," the Star Tribune reported.

There was an alleged cycle of physical abuse (including rape), and emotional abuse since the start of their relationship, the Star Tribune said. Just weeks before this incident, there was a protective order placed by Cynthia Hickman, the wife of Henry Hickman.

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