Bighead Carp Found in St. Croix River

A bighead Asian carp weighing 27 pounds, was found in the St. Croix river state conservation officials told the Star Tribune, Wednesday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the carp they caught is now being used by Minnesota officials to rally support and awareness of invasive fish species such as that one.

The Star Tribune reported, that there is no evidence that the species is reproducing in those waters at the time. It is a rare occurence, and it's possible that the fish migrated up from the lower mississippi.

The Department of Natural Resources told the Chicago Tribune that this species could seriously harm the Minnesota's auquatic ecosystems and natural fish species.

These bighead carp are a threat because of the large amounts of plankton they consume. On top of that, the native fish are no competition for food and habitat, the Star Tribune.

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