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Michelle Obama's Plane Aborts Landing

The mistake of an air traffic controller on Monday caused a White House plane carrying Michelle Obama to abort it's landing at Andrews Air Force Base, the Star Tribune reports.

The plane came much too close to a military cargo jet weighing 200-tons, federal officials told the Star Tribune.

Federal officials said that the controllers feared the landing time between the two aircrafts would be too close together. It was thought that the cargo jet would not clear the runway before the first lady's plane landed, MSNBC said.

In Warrenton, VA., where the mistake was made, the Federal Aviation Administration has a team of investigators to examine the situation, the Star Tribune said. The FAA has already been dealing with issues involving contollers such as sleeping on the job.

Pawlenty Talks with Tea Partyers

Ex-Minnesota governor, Republican Tim Pawlenty, has been reaching out to tea party audiences, according to the Associated Press.

Pawlenty's goal is to win the GOP nomination, and to do this he will need to gain the support from diverse groups of people, the Associated Press reported.

At a tea party rally on Saturday, Pawlenty talked to around 200 tea party supporters about spending and the reach of government, according the Star Tribune.

Pawlenty told the Associated Press that he was reaching out to the tea party to introduce himself because he feels unknown to communities outside of Minnesota.

The Star Tribune reports that Pawlenty was well recieved by the crowd.

Three cracks found in Southwest Airlines Planes

After a Southwest Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing in Arizona, inspectors found small subsurface cracks in three other Southwest Airlines planes on Sunday, the Star Tribune said.

Robert Sumwalt, a board member for National Transportation, said that the plane's company is developing a "service bulletin". This bulletin is strongly suggesting immediate checks on similar models, the Herald Sun said.

The airline told the Associated Press that 60 other jets should be inspected by late Tuesday.

About 600 flights were cancelled over the weekend, and these cancelations will most likely continue for the inspections, the Star Tribune reported.

Russian Billionaire Buys Mansion in Silicon Valley

A Russian billionaire purchased a 25,500-square-foot mansion in Silicon Valley, the Star Tribune said. The mansion cost for $100 million and is belived to be the most anyone's ever paid for a single-family home in the U.S.

According to Mail Online, the billionaire investor bought the home as a second home, his primary home is in Moscow.

The billionaire, 49-year-old Yuri Milner, is the founder of a company called Digital Sky Technologies, the Star Tribune said.

Milner's company has a lot of money invested in Facebook, Mail Online reports, about $5 billion worth of Facebook's shares.

According to the Star Tribune, the property has a ballroom, wine cellar, gym, and a spa, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool.

Arlington Cemetery Loses Track of Plot Reservations

According to the Washington Post, offcials at the cemetery are still unable to account for all the people burried there and the reservations that have been made.

The 624-acre, nation's premier military resting place, does not have any reliable data on the reservations that have been made. This system, according to Fox News, is against Army regulations.

The Washington Post reported that graves had been mismarked and unmarked. Urns had been dumped into dirt piles, and with all the money that put into trying to digitize the record system, it has still failed.

Kathryn Condon, who is the appointed executive director of the Army National Cemeteries Program, told the American Legion that she would do everything she can to restore the public's trust in Arlington, according to Fox News.

NJ Man Accused of Stabbing Ex-Wife 84 Times

Authorities told the Associated Press that a New Jersey man stabbed his ex-wife 84 times last summer, and when she was dead, covered her face with a Halloween pig mask.

Anthony Novellino of Denville was indicted on murder and weapons charges and faces a charge of "tampering with physical evidence in the indictment handed up Friday by a Morris County grand jury," The Bismarck Tribune said.

Novellino, 63, could face life in prison without parole if he is convicted, according to The Bismarck Tribune.

The couple had recently finalized their divorce when Novellino stabbed his ex-wife Judith Novellino in June. Their daughter found the body the next day.

Tiny Drones Mimic Birds and Insects

The Pentagon is paying millions of dollars for the development of tiny drones. These drones are inspired by biology, such as the one made to look like a hummingbird, and each are able to record video and audio, the Associated Press said.

The Star Tribune said smaller is better when it comes to these drones. They may be used for firefighters and police officers, but a good use would also be locating people after earthquakes or to detect chemical leaks.

"Besides the hummingbird, engineers in the growing unmanned aircraft industry are working on drones that look like insects and the helicopter-like maple leaf seed," the Associated Press reported.

These hummingbirds have a 6.5-inch wing span and weigh less than an AA battery according to the Star Tribune. They can fly up to 11 miles per hour, and are propelled only by the flapping of their two wings.

Gov't Not Defending Constitutionality of Ban on Gay Marriage

President Barak Obama ordered that his administration stop defending the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of gay marriage, on Wednesday, the Star Tribune said.

The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act bans federal recognition of same-sex marriages, and though Obama previously thought it best to defend this, according to The Huffington Post, he decided to act on his personal feelings and the feelings of many others and stop defending it.

This decision was first announced by the Justice Department, the Star Tribune reported. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Obama's conclusion that the 15-year-old Defense of Marriage Act was legally indefensible.

Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force told the Huffington Post that the decision was "a tremendous step toward recognizing our common humanity and ending an egregious injustice against thousands of loving, committed couples who simply want the protections, rights and responsibilities afforded other married couples."

This act was both celebrated and despised. Many people have strong feelings on this topic and this decision will no doubt cause a controversy.

Thousands Protest in Wisconsin because of Anti-Union Bill

Teachers, students, and prison guards went to the Wisconsin Capitol in thousands on Wednesday, to fight "a move to strip government workers of union rights in the first state to grant them more than a half-century ago," the Star Tribune said.

The protestors chanted, sang the national anthem, and beat drums for hours, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Many Madison school teachers called in sick to join the protest. So many teachers called in sick that the district, the state's second-largest, had to cancel classes.

The states governor, Republican Scott Walker, is trying to pass the country's most aggressive anti-union proposal, according to the Star Tribune.

Walker told the San Francisco Chronicle that taxpayers "need to be heard as well," he also said he would not do anything to "fundamentally undermine the principles" of the bill.

According to the Star Tribune, a budget committee was expected to go over the proposal on Wednesday. During the protests Republicans said they were planning on offering substantive changes, then they later said that all the core elements of the bill would remain. "The full Legislature could begin voting on it as early as Thursday."

Breast Cancer Study on Lymph Node Removal

The Washington Post reports that women who have early breast cancer do not need a removal of their lymph nodes according to a study released on Tuesday.

After the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, the Washington Post reports, doctors recommend that they surgically remove the nodes in the armpit, along with the tumor in the breast.

"It does not change the treatment plan, improve survival or make the cancer less likely to recur," the Star Tribune reported, and the painful process can actually cause complications.

Researchers told the Star Tribune that the removal has proven to be unnecessary, because of all the radiation and chemotherapy that the women go through. Those treatments generally wipe out any disease in the nodes.

Some cancer treatment centers have already accepted and acted on the new information. Changes all across the United States may take longer, experts told the Star Tribune, because removing nodes is so deeply ingrained in to them since it has been in practice for such a long time.

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