Guide of Style

Dig it.


Book Making

Found this nifty video on Thought it might be appropriate for out book making project. (Even though we're not actually making it.)

Posters sites and such.

Some daily inspiration and other sites I check often to get the gears turning.

Also here are some rough layouts and my type choices for the park. I tried to choose typefaces that where professional yet a little bit playful. As well as being easy to read.


A bit of research.

Type website, Friends of type. Logo evolutions, 1 and 2.


Logo's for the park.


A few logo resources.

Stefan Kanchev

A whole lotta logos

The Great War Map

Not that related to what I'm doing but still nifty.

Maps from Pentagram and New Yorks Subway

Work progress

Music Map 2.pdf

Very little of it but it's coming along slowly.

Music Map

Here's my progress so far, It's not 100% yet but it's just a matter of getting everything in the right place. Which has turned out to be the most time consuming part.

Music Map.pdf