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The Chambers

Our time at The Chambers Hotel was a very exciting experience. From the lobby to the artwork that fills the hotel, all of it was really impressive. The piece that I chose to write about was called "Titanium Expose" by Machiko Edmondson. It was hard choosing which piece of art to write about but there was something about this picture that drew me in. The painting was done with oil-biased paint on a large canvass. I have always liked the style of realism in painting and this work was incredibly realistic. The woman pictured was very beautiful but had a single tear running down here check. The woman's green eyes were also a big part of this painting. The large green eyes make this picture impossible to miss because they were so well done and the shade of green is so unique that no one can walk by and not take a look. Yet another dimension of this painting was the light freckles on the woman's cheek. This gave the woman's face some character and made it easier to connect with the emotion she is trying to convey with the single tear. I think the space that the painting was in added to it's attractiveness as well. It was one the first pieces of art that you see when you pass the lobby and it has a whole wall to it's self. When you walk by for the first time there so much more loud art surrounding this piece that you would think a realist painting would get lost. On the contrary, this picture definitely can stand up for it self. The other picture by Edmondson wasn't quite as powerful as "Titanium Expose" so they made a good choice putting this piece before the other painting. Like I said before all of the art we got to see was great but I think that this was my personal favorite.

Intro Video

Sound Project

Katerine Nash Gallery

Artists: Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts
Title: Borderlands (Three-channel-video)

The thing that caught my eye about this piece was the images reminded me of Sweden, where I traveled to six years ago. The landscape of Scandinavia is very recognizable to people who are familiar with it. The three-image presentation was very interesting and really helps the observers feel like they are actually there. This piece was politically charged; it talked about the Finish and Russian boarder when Russia was communist.

Artist Spotlight


The artist I chose is named Russ Kuhner. He is originally from Michigan, and what immediately caught my eye was in his "landscape" photography section. The pictures of Michigan's winter were very well done and made me feel a little better about our current climate in Minnesota. Kuhner's abstract work was also very interesting. The last picture in this section of "old dock pilings in Oval Beach" was very moving. It looked like something I would envision seeing in Europe. The sunset in the background also adds to this photos intrigue.

Simpson's Flip-Book


I thought this flip-book was a great example of how good a simple flip-book can be!

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