BA Exhibit

The Distance
Author: Katia Rush Hall

"The Distance" is a series of five photographs. Each photograph is the same size and is hung one next to another in a straight line. All the photos share a common theme that appears to be influenced by Native American culture. At first the photos look like typical nature scenes with wooded backgrounds and various animals pictured in the foreground. However if you look closer you can see an image of a human superimposed over each photo. The human influence makes you feel like the artist is trying to touch these beautiful nature scenes. The nature scenes would look out of place with just a picture of a human thrown in but the artist has burned the human influence in so they blend very nicely. I really enjoyed these photos because each one was unique and had a lot going on. Trying to look at all five photos together as one is impossible because individual photo has so much to offer the viewer. I also have a bias towards landscape photos so I think that's what first drew me to this series but these photos weren't your typical landscape scene!

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