BFA Exhibit

Experiment Three
Author: Unknown

This piece consisted of a series of four photographs. The photographs were shown in a square frame that was split into quarters. There were two pictures side by side on the top and two side by side on the bottom. Each of these photographs were taken by the subject of the photo so they were a little of center and from different angles. The artist of this piece is next to each of his subject's pictures and he has also taken the photo of himself, by himself. This piece, "experiment three" was the third installment of his entire gallery, called "experiment." I chose "experiment three" because it seemed the most natural. This was the only frame of photographs with the subjects taking the pictures by themselves. The other frames had individuals who had their photo taken by a photographer. Having the subjects photograph themselves brings the viewer into their world and makes the photos easier to connect with. You notice more about these people than the people in the other frames because it seems more natural. Although this was a relatively simple project I think the artist did a good job of highlighting the individuals emotions in "experiment three."

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