The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker

After seeing previews of this movie I really had little to no desire to see it. However after rave reviews from friends and seeing the a copy of the film appear on Easter morning I decided I would give the academy award winner a viewing. One of the elements that I wasn't looking forward to in this movie was the amount of emotional energy it would take out of me. I like comedies and movies that make you think but the cinematography in this movie was really impressive. When the charters were in a hostel situation in the movie you as a viewer felt you were there. The environment in which the movie takes place gave the director a lot of good opportunities for unique shots and she took full advantage of that! When the main character was out in the open in many of the scenes and you got to experience his vulnerability through the directors creativity. Every slow step the actor took in his massive body armor made you feel uneasy because there were civilians all around watching from different vantage points. What also made the action scenes so personal was the fact there was really only three soldiers handling the situation. You got to know each individual soldier and were just hoping everything would go smoothly. It would be hard for someone to view this movie and not be on the edge of their seat, so I think the director was extremely successful in terms of cinematography.

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