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Title: The path of Damastes
Artist: Jean-Michel Bruyere

When I first came across this image I felt an eerie feeling. I can't imagine actually going to this piece with all twenty-one beds in front of me. The environment of where this sculpture is located also doesn't help creepy feeling you get. It is located in an old building made entirely of brick. The floor looks to be dirt and there is very little light coming from the distant windows. After looking at this piece and thinking about the scary movies I've scene and how they correlate with the sculpture, I start reading the information below the picture. "The numerous variations of creaks produced by the lattice structure under the beds in the effort to lift them compose the very music of the piece and its ballet." I learned pretty quickly that the artist's intent was too scare the hell out of people! I kept reading and also learned that the floor wasn't actually made out of dirt.... they were actually dead leaves. I really don't like the genera of horror or thriller but there is something really scary about the hospital beds. The collection of twenty-one hospital beds are each accompanied by a Florissant light. The Florissant lights are called "daylight tubes" and are directly over each bed. The beds are all fully automatic and can move independently or in unison. This is a really neat piece to look at or see a video of but I'm not sure I would enjoy going to see it in person.

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