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Dutch List of Obstetrical Indications

This is the (very long) list that the national midwifery and ob/gyn organizations in the Netherlands came up with to determine when and under what conditions a woman should be transfered from midwifery to OB care and visa versa .

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It seems to me that they are similar to the contraindications that most midwives follow in the US although I think because midwives here set there own standards some feel comfortable attending breech or multiples. It also seems like in the US there is room for a woman to have been contraindicated for home birth but then to do a lot of work towards being healthy and actually make herself into a good candidate for home birth. It seems like because it is so cut and dry in some cases in the Netherlands that there may be less belief that if one empowers the woman she will rise up and change her behaviors. I wonder if the US home birth women allow for more self-empowering behaviors than midwives in the Netherlands. Do midwives in the Netherland have all of the more mystical understandings of birth?