The "People's Princess"

In 1997, society lost their number one fan. Princess Diana was known by many as the "people's princess". I have been interested in the life of Diana ever since I was a little girl, watching her funeral with my mother. I am a student who is looking for answers. Was it murder? Was it an accident? How did her death affect not only her family, but everybody else who loved her? I want these questions to be answered. Diana's son, William, is engaged to Kate Middleton. I wonder what is going through her mind as she takes this huge step into the Royal Family. Does she worry that her fate will be the same as Diana's?

I recently found a blog containing memories people have had about Diana. One blog I found to be very interesting contained an entry about the engagement ring Kate wears. "Princess Di's 'ring is bad luck'" is the title of the entry and it discusses what China's top fortune teller, Chen Shuaifu believes when it comes to the ring. ""She [Diana] led a miserable life, the unlucky energy in the ring will be too much, and the living should not wear the ring worn by the dead."

That is just a theory one person has, but what kinds of things should Kate be expecting prior to her joining the royal family? I just ordered the book William and Kate: A Royal Love Story so I can't want to dive into that book to find out more about their relationship.

Diana was one of the most glamorous women I have ever seen. I remember looking through a book my mom had that was written about Diana when I was younger and I would only look at the pictures--granted I was little and obviously didn't want to read a huge novel--but I looked at those pictures almost everyday. Even now when I have the book and am interested in reading about her life, I still look at the pictures every time I go to read some more.

There was talk once that the Queen didn't like Diana and that she would have chosen Camilla Parker-Bowles instead. I am really interested in doing some research about what the Queen really felt about Diana and if she had anything to do with her death. This is all so interesting!! So many different routes to take in research! =)

I want anyone who reads this, to ask themselves the same questions I stated above. How many of you remember when Diana died? It is something that many people have heard of or maybe even remember the exact place and time they were when she died?

Diana's birthday is in July, and this year there is talk about a movie being filmed in honor of her 50th birthday. I would find this movie to be incredibly interesting and I hope it does become a movie because everyone has their own interpretation of her death. Here is a link to the blog I was referring to earlier--it has a lot of great information! Take a look!

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