October 21, 2007


Here is the link to a blog that I found about news in college sports... http://www.yardbarker.com/college_other

"Yard Barker" is a blog made "by the fans, for the fans." This blog includes disussions about news within college sports happening all over the world. I like that it 's more than just scores and highlights of certain games, but also talks about news including crimes within the players, ect. I think it's cool that these students take time to actaully converse about what's going on. The writings of the posts in this blog are very free and light-hearted, some more than others. Some are opinionated about serious issues whereas others are really laid back and upbeat discussions.

Here is another link to a blog where people are wrting from Iraq... http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/

"Bahdad Burning" is a blog where people can post about issues going on in Iraq. Many of the posts are from sodlers describing there day and others are about current issues that are being debated and how they feel about them. I like this blog because it gives us an idea of what's going on in the Middle East from the sodler's point of view. It also talks about real issues that matter. One post goes into depth about the day in the life of an Iraqi. I think these are really neat and informative to read. Blogs like this bring us the news in a more personal way that makes it interesting. The writings in these posts are serious and heart-felt. Some are just giving peope a heads up on whats going on and others are people's personal beleifs about certain issues that tend to get pretty intense at times.