October 26, 2007


With the mayoral general election less than a month away, some students are soaking up as much knowledge as they can about the candidates to prepare themselves to vote, while others find themselves clueless about the current issues that may affect them regarding the election.

I know I had no original intention of being informed of the election, since I’m what most would consider “politically challenged.? However I set out to find where other students at the University of Minnesota stood on the issue. As it turned out, compared to others, I knew more than I thought I did.

Comments like, “I didn’t know there was an election,? and, “I don’t feel like there’s anything that goes on regarding student issues,? seemed to be the most common reaction amongst the random students that I approached with questions.

Many of the students seemed confused at the mention of the election. In some cases, they even had to be reminded there even was one.

The most prominent continuing trend amongst UMD students is that they just don’t care about what’s going on with politics or the current mayoral election, however, others feel differently. I was quite impressed with how politically informed one student appeared. She felt that student votes are among the most important.

“I think that we, the students, are the people that have the power, if we get out there and vote, if we stand strong, we can get the word out as a collegiate union,? said one student in regards to the election.

The issues that seemed the most appealing to college students, if any, were that of the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC) expansion and the recent housing issues being discussed Duluth.

Other’s have other issues on their mind when it comes to voting.

“I’d vote for a mayor who would bring a Buffalo Wild Wings to Duluth,? said one student.

It’s obvious that the different trends and priorities amongst college student vary when it comes to Election Day, however, maybe the case is that they just don’t care.

To learn more about mayoral candidates Don Ness and Charlie Bell, including biographies, concentrated issues and upcoming campaign events, visit ...

Don Ness: http://www.nessformayor.com/
Charlie Bell: http://www.bellforduluth.com/

October 22, 2007


Here is the link to a blog that I found about news in college sports... http://www.yardbarker.com/college_other

"Yard Barker" is a blog made "by the fans, for the fans." This blog includes disussions about news within college sports happening all over the world. I like that it 's more than just scores and highlights of certain games, but also talks about news including crimes within the players, ect. I think it's cool that these students take time to actaully converse about what's going on. The writings of the posts in this blog are very free and light-hearted, some more than others. Some are opinionated about serious issues whereas others are really laid back and upbeat discussions.

Here is another link to a blog where people are wrting from Iraq... http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/

"Bahdad Burning" is a blog where people can post about issues going on in Iraq. Many of the posts are from sodlers describing there day and others are about current issues that are being debated and how they feel about them. I like this blog because it gives us an idea of what's going on in the Middle East from the sodler's point of view. It also talks about real issues that matter. One post goes into depth about the day in the life of an Iraqi. I think these are really neat and informative to read. Blogs like this bring us the news in a more personal way that makes it interesting. The writings in these posts are serious and heart-felt. Some are just giving peope a heads up on whats going on and others are people's personal beleifs about certain issues that tend to get pretty intense at times.

October 17, 2007

I love Julisa

Julia (aka Julisa) is completely WRONG! Yeah, I love Ted, but he loves me back!!!!! Don't believe her, she's easily convinced of anything just by COOKIES! That girl is nothing but a jealous stalker! With a capital S. As far as Ted is concerned...so what if we stalk him on a regular basis and then return home only to plan our next day's schedule of stalking. WE LOVE HIM :)

PS....Lisula (Lisa and Julia) + Ted= LOVE

PPS..,.don't tell Ted we're his stalkers.