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initial thought

An image my partner/client put on the moodboard inspired this image in an effort to portray a flourishing city due to its self-sufficient, healthy people that grow produce gardens:)
(message=urban gardens promote healthier generations)


background info

During WWII, people in all areas, rural and urban alike, worked the soil to raise food for their families, friends, and neighbors. Victory gardening enabled more supplies to be shipped to our troops around the world.
After learning this my initial thought was to look for WWII posters and of course came across the  "we can do it" feminist poster.  Maybe I can give the feeling of health/healthy generations (the message my client provided) by manipulating the image and playing off the tagline "We Can Do It"
ww-II-posters.jpgThumbnail image for victorygardens3.jpg

library: design brief and mood board

web design


This site showcases designer's CSS and Flash websites which you can read and leave reviews for. I'm not a strong website creator so I give props to people who are.  For example, I found this website somebody somewhere made... http://www.dialogi.fi/...it's in a different language but I guess I was just impressed by the video that played in the background of the site. I wouldnt normally think of doing something like that.

behance-random laugh

I found this series of condom ads in Guillermo Vega's (designer/advertiser) portfolio on the behance network site. It reminded me of our satirical news/media project. Thought it was pretty funny!


Behance network


This site gathers portfolios of artists from all over the world. Yes, I'm a graphic design major, but my biggest artistic passion is drawing. I loved this illustrator named Iain Macarthur's portfolio.  He mostly draws/sketches portraits, which i tend to do a lot of as well, but he also makes surreal drawings and retro t-shirt designs.  I've always tried to make my drawings more creative than just copying and image and I think he does that very well.


computer arts site


This is a good site for not only inspiration, but design news, job tips, tutorials, and more. Designer Tom Lane's oriental-inspired illustrations sparked my interest and this image especially caught my eye. He even provides a tutorial you can download that shows how to make these images with shapes in Illustrator. It seems time-consuming, but the result is really cool style of imaging!


newer version


info graphics

I like this image in creating hierarchy and the idea of a legend to maybe identify with color what project belongs to what class.

info graphics (3d)

I'm trying to stray away from the literal crossword and maybe incorporate hierarchy through 3d .3d.jpg

info graphics (crossword)

I want to use the idea of a crossword to display the art I do in a year, but a crossword itself may be too uniform and not stress an importance (hierarchy) on a certain project.  At this point I need more statistics like time i spent on the project or success of it, etc.crossword.jpg

digital rough



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