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I like your idea of building off a crossword puzzle to graph your information. It's an interesting and different way to look at your info that I would have never thought of.

Very cool, a big step in the right direction as far as making it easier to understand. The 3D blocks are a nice touch, but I'm not sure why some are 3D and some arn't? Probably just because it's not done I'm assuming. Also I noticed all the crossword blocks are at different angles I would either make them more different or the same. Otherwise very clean well thought-out work!

I am liking this version a lot better. I think that it is easier to read, and It is easier to tell what art piece should be associated with what word.

I think this is a really good and clever way to map out the artwork you've made. You may want to post a smaller image though because right now it opens up too massively to take in, and you have allot of detail and info that's being missed in the smaller image above.
But from what I can see the way the information is presented is clear and I knew right away what you were talking about. I do really like the crossword idea, and I think you did a great job with the 3D boxes, but (maybe because I can't read the smaller print) I wonder why and how it is organizing the information.

the 3D boxes work well. the use of the colored towers really adds the extra information that was needed. this version is a great improvement over the last.

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