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example of logo design process

I thought this was a good example of how the process of designing a logo should go.  The logo is for Fitucci custom windows and doors. Here is the final also works inversely...

Fitucci Logo

typography inspiration

This site is powered by the behance network (which showcases artist's portfolios).  It features type work from creative professionals ranging from type animation videos, posters, and experiments.  I found one experiment I liked by Nemanja Jehlicka...they were working with the phrase "use me or abuse me" and used really cool ways to find type in objects like music equipment.


type styling


type options for urban garden mark


stylesheet for urban garden

different size and color options of the mark...


a little step back...more logo options

I was starting to realize the logo idea working with the square-foot garden was just not turning out how I wanted so I brainstormed some different logo options.  At this point, I think I'm leaning towards the simple one with the leaves coming out of the tops of the buildings...what do you think...?


modified logo

I decided to make it a little more simple and changed some color...I think it works better than the previous one, but it may not be all the way there yet.


logo for urban garden

I'm trying to represent the square-foot garden method urban gardeners use (growing with little space).  Through the cityscape I want to represent a healthy, growing city.  I'm still not completely happy with the color choices...


color options for urban garden

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I primarily want to work with green because its associated with growth, nature, heath, and fertility.  I'm thinking about using some shade of yellow as a secondary color because it gives a sense of clean, brightness/optimism that I think is representative of the urban garden.  And, maybe brown or white as a neutral in small amounts.
Here's a pdf of some color combos...


color for logo research

I found this site that talks about the importance of choosing color in branding and how color is associated with different things or feelings.  It also gave a link to a tool called "cymbolism" which loads one word on a page and then gives you choices of which color you think represents that word.  From that they can make an overall description of what that color is usually associated with...example red= passion, hot, love, bold, etc.

link to "cymbolism".........

words and symbols for urban garden

I've brainstormed some words that describe the idea of the urban garden and found some symbols that represent the strongest words.  These symbols can help in developing the final logo.


urban garden research

This website was helpful in explaining the benefits of gardening no matter where you live.  Producing your own fruits and vegetables drastically reduces cost of transport/shipping from farms to stores/urban places.  This site explains the techniques people use to maintain gardens even with very little space--rain barrels, containers, rooftop gardens, square-foot gardens, etc.

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