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ads of the world

this is a good site to get inspiration for all different types of advertising/promotion (print, tv, online, etc)Electrolux vacuum cleaner: Construction site

art tags (news)

Found an interesting article in the LA times about a recent ruling by California's Franchise Tax Board saying that license plates for the arts are tax deductible.  Check it out.


example of logo design process

I thought this was a good example of how the process of designing a logo should go.  The logo is for Fitucci custom windows and doors. Here is the final also works inversely...

Fitucci Logo

typography inspiration

This site is powered by the behance network (which showcases artist's portfolios).  It features type work from creative professionals ranging from type animation videos, posters, and experiments.  I found one experiment I liked by Nemanja Jehlicka...they were working with the phrase "use me or abuse me" and used really cool ways to find type in objects like music equipment.


color for logo research

I found this site that talks about the importance of choosing color in branding and how color is associated with different things or feelings.  It also gave a link to a tool called "cymbolism" which loads one word on a page and then gives you choices of which color you think represents that word.  From that they can make an overall description of what that color is usually associated with...example red= passion, hot, love, bold, etc.

link to "cymbolism".........

urban garden research

This website was helpful in explaining the benefits of gardening no matter where you live.  Producing your own fruits and vegetables drastically reduces cost of transport/shipping from farms to stores/urban places.  This site explains the techniques people use to maintain gardens even with very little space--rain barrels, containers, rooftop gardens, square-foot gardens, etc.

background info
During WWII, people in all areas, rural and urban alike, worked the soil to raise food for their families, friends, and neighbors. Victory gardening enabled more supplies to be shipped to our troops around the world.
After learning this my initial thought was to look for WWII posters and of course came across the  "we can do it" feminist poster.  Maybe I can give the feeling of health/healthy generations (the message my client provided) by manipulating the image and playing off the tagline "We Can Do It"
ww-II-posters.jpgThumbnail image for victorygardens3.jpg

library: design brief and mood board

web design

This site showcases designer's CSS and Flash websites which you can read and leave reviews for. I'm not a strong website creator so I give props to people who are.  For example, I found this website somebody somewhere made...'s in a different language but I guess I was just impressed by the video that played in the background of the site. I wouldnt normally think of doing something like that.

behance-random laugh

I found this series of condom ads in Guillermo Vega's (designer/advertiser) portfolio on the behance network site. It reminded me of our satirical news/media project. Thought it was pretty funny!


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