November 3, 2009

Minnesota Fall

We are finally have some pretty good weather now in Minnesota, actually feels a bit like fall.

May 30, 2007

Ron Paul hires reputable campain manager in New Hampshire

I think it will be interesting to see what happens, Ron Paul has been pretty popular online, however, most of the news media has been ignoring him and saying he isn't even close in the race for the GOP nomination. New Hampshire will have the earliest primary, so it will be interesting to see how the results turn out there and they have a large amount of independent votes there also, so this could possibly go his way.

May 23, 2007

Clinton Portis thinks dog fighting is ok

Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins was talking on WAVY-TV, in Virginia about the accusations facing Michael Vick. Here is what the brilliant running back had to say:

"I don't know if he was fighting dogs or not, but it's his property, it's his dog....If that's what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business."

When the road scholar was told that dog fighting is a felony Portis then said this:

"It can't be too bad of a crime."
This is one of the dumbest things I've heard from an athlete. Mr. Portis, dog fighting is a felony; for the intelligent impaired, that means it is "too bad of a crime."

One last thing of note. Check out the lovely individual, Chris Samuels, to the left of Clinton Portis laughing as Portis is running his mouth. Hopefully there is a suspension or a fine for this.

May 22, 2007

FSI Language Courses

Learn any of a number of foreign languages - for free. The US govt. via the Foreign Service Institute has developed a variety of foreign language courses. You can download them at their site and learn at your leisure.

May 20, 2007


I’m here in Portland, OR at their first BarCamp — it’s a great scene, but with a few differences.

First of all, this is the first time a BarCamp has been held specifically in a coworking space — in this case, an expansive collaborative environment called CubeSpace.

Second, Jay Fichialos, the original camphead, is here from Dallas and has transcribed the complete calendar into a great looking Google Spreadsheet.

Third, we’re using Pibb, a new online chat system built by Portland company JanRain, as the event’s channel. It seems to be performing really well for a new product and looks great. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there are permalinks available for the transcripts, but I’ve put in a request to the developers who were on-site for such a feature.

Otherwise, Dawn and Raven did a fantastic job putting the event together, there’s been plenty of food, great conversations and an impressive turnout. Oh, and Josh Bancroft’s Wii was definitely a welcome addition (even though Dawn kicked my ass).

Lastly, I’d like to commend BarCampPortland on achieving three to five male to female ratio of organizers… and yes, I mean that there five female planners of a total of eight. Attendance overall was still skewed towards male attendees, but the session that Dawn put on about Collaboration in Communities had a full 10 female participants — and it was one of the best and most interesting sessions I’ve been to. Progress is slow, but with increased awareness, continued vigilance and proactive inclusivity, I do think that the BarCamp community can continue to improve how it promotes, invites and nurtures a wider, more diverse, and more talented, community.

May 18, 2007

C# - DragDrop and DoubleClick

I was working on a simple custom control today that displays thumbnails. The thumbnail ordering can be changed by dragging/dropping and you can double click a thumbnail to have a full version of the image pop up in a new dialog. Pretty simple - or is it?

It turns out that the DragDrop functionality is turned on for an object during the MouseDown event. However, when you double click the MouseDown event is also fired and thus the app thinks you are dragging after the first click and the DoubleClick event won't get fired. What's a coder to do?

I looked all over for an idea and the best anyone could suggest was combining MouseDown (set a flag) with MouseMove (start DragDrop if flag is set) to start the DragDrop. This doesn't work too well though if you do a mouseup outside the app (and then drag the mouse back in in the up or down state).

It turns out though that there is a easy and pretty clean solution. The MouseDown event passes along a collection of MouseEventArgs. One of those values is "Clicks" that tells you how many times the mouse was clicked. The event gets called once for a click and again for a double click. So when you double click it calls MouseDown twice. The first time it "enter drag mode" but as soon as you raise the button to click the second time it exits drag mode. The second mousedown has a "Clicks" value of 2 and you can avoid going into drag mode and thus the DoubleClick will be fired.

void pictureBox_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Left && e.Clicks ==1)
PictureBox pb = (PictureBox)sender;
DoDragDrop((ImageData)pb.Tag, DragDropEffects.Copy);

In the prior example I only want to enter Drag mode if the left button is clicked AND it was only clicked one time. I couldn't find this information anywhere else so hopefully this post will help someone.

May 17, 2007

Ron Paul - An unheralded Presidential Candidate

I don’t agree with all of Ron Paul’s stances but, in general, I think he is on the right track in how he executes his job as a congressman. He is trying to win the Republican nomination for President and, while he probably doesn’t have a good chance, I would support him over any of the other candidates I have heard about. Paul is a Republican as I understand the term far more than any other congressman I have heard about.

Ron Paul seems to believe congress should do the job it was entrusted with by the constitution and that the federal government should get it’s noses out of the business that should belong to the states. He opposes the drug war, he opposes the Iraq war, he opposes a lot of different taxes, he is opposed to federal welfare (believes this is the state’s job), he does not support changing the constitution willy-nilly for the cause of the month (gay marriage, flag burning, etc). He does believe in gun ownership, not getting in the way of the courts, legal immigration, and far less spending by the federal government.

I have read some of his voting record and looked at how various groups “rate? him and overall I like where he stands. I like the fact that he wants the federal government to take care of federal issues and wants the states to take care of their issues. I wish more Republicans were like this (maybe even more so) then I wouldn’t have minded having a Republican controlled government.

I doubt he will stay in the running for the whole deal - but I hope he is around for a long time in the primary races. His stance on the issues will at least bring his position to the forefront and, perhaps, will force some of the other candidates to adopt some of them.

Paul isn’t exactly in compliance with the constitution but, based on the powers explicitly granted the federal government by the Constitution I can’t think of anyone else who is closer. What do you think of Paul? If you leave your ideological desires at the door and judge him just as a congressman against the powers granted by the Constitution (left column) what do you think of him? Is there anyone else I should be looking at who has a similar stance - or an even more literal Federalist?