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3 survive fall from mountain

Mount Hood, Portland Oregon was the site of a miraculous rescue today. Three climbers of an eight member group were scaling the treacherous mountain when the ledge they were standing on gave way. The three plummeted down the mountain. A member of the group called emergency dispatchers who quickly sent out a search party. The three climbers were located in a timely manner thanks to the electronic locator devices they were wearing. Rescuers were also able to keep in contact by cell phone with the injured climbers. The climbers are listed in good condition, although two possibly have concussions.

Mount Hood was the site of search and rescue earlier in December. Another group of three climbers we’re exploring the mountain, but when they didn't check back in with Mountain rangers when they were expected, a search and rescue party broke out. The rescuers found one of the climbers who later died of Hypothermia. The other two climbers are still missing.

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