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Chemicals found in water get a risk upgrade

Chemicals produced by Minnesota's own 3M, found in metro area water supplies have been labled "potentially more dangerous" by state health officials. The Minnesota Department of Health changed its recommended allowable concentration of two chemicals known as PFOA and PFOS. The chemicals were discovered in the city wells of Oakdale and more than 200 private wells in Lake Elmo during the past three years. The old recommendations by the health board stated 1.0 parts per billion for PFOAs and 0.6 parts per billion for PFOS would be not be harmful to citizens who consumed the chemicals in those quantities. The revised concentrations are exactly half of the previous recommendations. The change is due to recent scientific tests performed animals to document the effects of the chemicals. Scientists say that the research suggests there are greater health risks than previously thought.

3M is working quickly to install municipal water treatment facilities in the affected areas.

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