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Man Shot on Metro Bus

A Twin Cities man was shot after trying to quiet a group of loud and rowdy passengers aboard a Metro Transit bus. 34-year-old Cleveland Montgomery was rushed to North Memorial Medical Center in critical condition Thursday. Authorities said the men who ranged in age from their late teens and early 20s, were being "jerks." Montgomery spoke to the group to try to calm them down and act respectable. As the group of four to five men got up to get off at Emerson Avenue N. near 18th Avenue, one of the men confronted and harassed Montgomery. After a brief verbal argument, the man pulled out a gun and shot Montgomery around 7:12 p.m. For trying to convince the unruly mean to be reasonable. Montgomery suffered two bullet wounds in his chest and a third in his left arm. He is scheduled to undergo surgery this Sunday.

The shooting has prompted Metro Transit, Minneapolis police and community activists to increase their efforts to maintain safety and decency on the busiest routes in the metro area where trouble occurs. This would include placing more officers on metro buses.

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