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140 Pound Dog Attacks 8-year-old Boy


While walking to school in South Minneapolis with his two older brothers, an 8-year-old boy was attacked and bitten repeatedly by a large dog Friday. Police said DeVonta Prince was attacked just before 8 a.m. after a neighbor’s dog named Akita, got off its chain in a yard along the way to the boys school. The mere 60 pound boy was bitten on the head and had his left arm in the jaws of the 140 pound dog when a neighbor was able to beat back the dog with a shovel. The teenage son of the dog's owner arrived at the scene shortly after and calmed his pet. After taking the dog home and telling his father what Akita had done, the father had the dog euthanized later on Friday. The man told police his dog had never acted aggressively, especially towards children.
DeVonta is listed in satisfactory condition after more three hours of surgery at Hennepin County Medical Center.

The Pioneer Press posted the article published by the Associated Press, probably because they figured the Star Tribune would beat them to the Minneapolis based story anyway, seeing that Minneapolis is the Tribune’s main beat. The article itself covered only the bare-bones of the story, quoting only the victim child. The Star Tribune article covered by David Chanen, had quotes from more than just the DeVonta. The story includes a Minneapolis Council Member’s opinion on the event and also, a side story about the family’s own dog which was shot by police Wednesday night. The side story is told from the accounts of a Minneapolis police lieutenant and the Step-father of the boy. The story itself had nothing to do with the attack of the boy, except that it also involved a dog being killed. I would not have included the second part of the story. I would have instead focused more reports of recent animal attacks from Minneapolis Animal Control.

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