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Boy found crying and abandoned

Police are still searching for the parents of a toddler who was found alone crying on the corner of a street Thursday morning. The boy, estimated to be 18 months to 2 years old, was first spotted by Chue Siong. According to Siong, He came across the small boy just across his doorstep in St. Paul. The boy was crying and refusing to say a word to anyone. Siong had just taken his four children to school about 10 a.m. when he saw the shoeless boy. The boy wore an orange puffy coat and seemed hungry. Siong had never seen him before and was puzzled as to where the parents might be. Siong waited with the boy for hours as he wandered around sobbing; when no sign of parents or help, he called the police. There were no indications that the boy had been physically abused or neglected, police said. Police went door-to-door around the neighborhood looking for anyone who knew the boy, but found no one. Even after searching a statewide database of missing-person reports, no files matching the boy's description have turned up. The toddler is now in Ramsey County protective custody. Authorities say the child is physically in good condition and will be staying with a foster family until legal guardians or relatives can be located.

The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press both hit the same points in their stories, however, I feel that the Pioneer Press story is written much better. Tad Vezner of the Pioneer Press used great descriptions when detailing the matter in which the boy was found. His opening line, “The little boy had no shoes,? gives me an idea that this is going to be a tragic story. More adjectives such as “soaked, striped socks,? just add to your pity for the abandoned child.

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