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Greek Cruise Ship Sinks in the Aegean Sea

Only two people are missing after a Greek cruise ship struck a volcanic reef Thursday. The 469-foot Sea Diamond was carrying nearly 1,600 people when it began to sink. When the ship ran aground on the volcanic rock bed, the captain tried to free the ship from the reef before evacuating the passengers as required by international rules. The ship's hull was ripped open by the effort to move off the rocks, causing it to completely sink 18 hours later. More than a dozen ships in the area were involved. Six navy rescue helicopters, two military transport plane and four warships also were been sent to the area, along with emergency medical crews. All but two were retrieved from the sinking ship in a three-hour rescue operation. Some passengers complained of an insufficient supply of life vests and little guidance from crewmembers. A few of the biggest headlines in this accident are the reports that the captain and crew were unprepared for the evacuation. The captain and five other senior crewmembers have been charged with negligence and violating international maritime rules. If convicted, the officers face a maximum five-year sentence.

In the Associated Press and CNN stories, both read as though they were written from the same press release (they probably were). It was hard to find other versions of this story other than the ones straight from the Associated Press.


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