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So what?

“….the reason why the American society is homophobic and gives an inferior and negative reputation is because of traditional gender role…..? I just partly agree with this idea. I believe there is more fundamental thing behind this issue. In my opinion, the major part of the issue is based on the problem of discrimination between major and minor. The standards of separating us from them can be everything. It can be a color of skin, culture, ethnicity, age, job, social class, sexual orientation (as we’ve seen in this text) and so on. If something can work as a criterion which differentiates minor from major, it can be another “homosexuality?. I have seen this kind of arguments many times. Whenever I meet with them, I find some sort of formula. The formula always includes some stereotypes or prejudices social major group have about minor one and media which reinforce and reeducate those stereotypes to public. In addition, there always exists a positive feedback relationship between them. They strengthen each other. Also, in many cases, arguments end in similar conclusion like this. All the problems come from our poor magnanimity or tolerance for something different from us, even though the origins of the poor tolerance are various (in this text the writer pinpoints the cause in traditional gender role). Then I would like to ask this question ‘So what if I don’t want to change my attitude? So what if I don’t like that people and I don’t find any problem in my attitude?’ When I read the title of this text first time, I was able to recall whole formula in an instant. Everything the words “media?, “homophobia? “traditional gender role? fit into my formula perfectly. Then as always I hope I would find some answers and as always I can’t find it.