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China’s Big Mac Attack….

This text is quite impressive to me because this may be the portrait of my generation. I remember when I went the Mac Donald for the first time, in my case, not with my parents but with my friends. At that time, I guess I was quite nervous in front of the staff (she was a girl) because not only I had not met with the “fast food culture? before but also I was a teenage boy who just began to know the meaning of the word “girl?. Since then, it has passed more than fifteen years and I become a man who is neither nervous nor timid any more. From this point, the author is right. Mc Donald assimilates into our culture very successfully because I can’t find a boy like whom I was. But I don’t agree with the idea that we made our own “Golden Arches?. Rather than that, I would like to say the success of Mc Donald reflects the inferiority complex we Asians still have toward the Western culture and the pathetic efforts to pursue it. It’s very sad to say that as an Asian but I should admit it. Someone may dispute my argument like this: “Hey! Loser…how do you explain the young generation who take it for granted? Can you say they go to Mc Donald for that?? Then my answer is “Of course not. But they go to another ‘Mc Donald’ for same reason. To them, Mc Donald is too old to satisfy their vanity, too trite to boast their backgrounds, too typical to make them look different from others. Fortunately to them, there has been always something new coming up to quench their thirst toward the ‘Western thing’ such as Star Bucks, Out Back, Louis Vuitton and fancy European cars?. Oops…I’m wrong, Mr. Watson you are right. Mc Donald has “localized? very well, but at the expense of the special something which gave them success in last few decades. From the place where people would show off their social or economic status and satisfy with themselves, they are degraded to the place where poor retiree are killing their time or the place to sell some cheap junk food. If you are brave enough to ignore jeer from other parents, throw your children’s birthday party in Mc Donald. Even if you want, you can’t find the party place any more in Mc Donald. This is what our own “Golden Arches? become. To me, globalization is not that much subtle thing as the author described. It just portrays our vanity and greed to eager ceaselessly for something we don’t have.