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Nickel and Dimed

While I was reading this text, one question never left from my head, “Is this a real poverty that Americans think of?? Maybe this question reflects that I misunderstand the intention of the writer because her adventure was focused on whether or not she “could match income to expenses? rather than poverty itself. As I have not read whole text, it might be too early to conclude something from this text. But I believe life in poverty was the one she assumed when she began her journey. Poverty itself is also the theme of my research paper. The only difference between mine and hers is the place where poverty occurs. But this gives rise to very contrasting results. In one place, people are willing to work for less than $200 per month. In other place, people hesitate to work for more than $200 for a week. Of course, if we consider the price of commodities in two places, this direct comparison may not be appropriate. But to me, the latter life looks much better than the former one because at least, in the latter life, one can have some time to hang out to find a job fitting to his or her taste and don’t need to really appreciate for that. As I mentioned before, I admit that this point is somewhat beyond what the writer tried to say. I know she was curious just about whether or not she “could match income to expenses?. If I read her intention correctly, I would like to say this text is too long for readers to get to the point. Just give me the answer like “it is possible? or “not?. But I already know the answer; it’s possible but not easy (depending on one’s life standard). I can imagine by myself without her help what the life would be like or how I feel from my experience. Even I can make the list of what I should give up under that kind of circumstance (actually the list won’t be long). So, to me, her long description seems to be lavish and appropriate only for her personal diary. If her long description about her journey came from her another intention to raise sympathy about poor “American? people from readers or just to give some information about poor living, I recommend her to get rid of the hypocritical attitude as a scholar even though she denied it in many places in her text by clear sentences and to be faithful to her intention. Anyway it’s quite ironic that the life regarded as poverty by someone can be the dream worthy to risk one’s life to someone who is crossing the border in the desert of Arizona.