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Another fabulous day!!!

Well, somehow I keep getting all the luck - I keep picking hostels while they have large groups of schoolkids there! Oh, well. They were pretty quiet in Oxford and I'll hope for the same. My room for the next 2 nights is pretty cute - besides the squeaky bed and the shower and bathroom down the hall. It's a nice old, big white house and it seems like it'll be a nice place to stay. This morning we took a walking tour of Oxford and went through a lot of little winding roads through the colleges that we never wouldn've been able to see otherwise! We got to go into one of the colleges and see what their hall (dining hall - just like Harry Potter) and chapel were like, and they're gorgeous!

It's been another great day - a bit cloudy, but the rain held off and it's been nice and warm. After Oxford, we drove through the Cotswolds, and they're adorable! So picture-perfect, it's hard to believe! After we got into Stratford, we went to Anne Hathaway's house (Shakespeare's wife) and toured it and the gardens. It's so quaint and tiny, it's kind of hard to believe!

Barb and Bill and I tried to go out on a ghost tour of Oxford that we'd found out about at the tourist bureau, but no one came to do the tour! We're going to try to call them tomorrow and reserve tickets so that they know to come and tell us about all of the ghosts and goblins haunting the streets! Instead, we went to a cute little pub overlooking the Avon river and had a pint, some onion rings and a cheese platter with some really tasty local cheeses! I've got to get to bed, so that's all for today!