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Circle Day and Camelot

I have been really busy but here's a quick update of a few days that I spent traveling with Barb & Bill. On Saturday we went to Bath and saw the costume museum and it's gorgeous!!! There are some absolutely amazing clothes in there - as well as some very unfortunate 80's clothes that should really be burned... We also saw the circus and wandered around the town and I love it! It's all really stunning Georgian architecture and the whole town seems to fit together so much better than most other cities.

After we left Bath we went to see the Avebury Stone Circles! I'd been looking forward to them since I found out about them so that was awesome! It's just stunning and huge! It's kind of hard to believe it, but the whole town just sort of built around it! Some of the rocks were moved away because the villagers thought that they were idols for ancient gods, but I'm just glad that they didn't get all of them! We were able to walk among them and some people were even climbing up on top of the big ones! Barb and Bill and I walked around the whole circle and it's crazy to believe that it was created so long ago because the stones are so big! I'm really glad that I got to see it because when I go to Stonehenge I won't be able to walk up to the stones. Also, I picked up some stones and chalk from the ground to bring home (just don't tell customs!!).

The next day I was extra refreshed because I had stayed in a hotel instead of a hostel. Barb and Bill stayed in the same hotel so it was really convenient to get going early in the morning. After they'd found their keys (one of them left them in a drawer in the hotel) we drove off to see Glastonbury Abbey and randomly drove past Stonehenge! That was a good sign, even though it was raining and a little bit miserable.

Glastonbury Abbey was absolutely amazing - so powerful! It is huge and it's a little hard to comprehend just how big it would have been when it was still standing! We went down into the chapel first and it was just stunning to know that those stones had been there for so long! Barb & I both threw pennies into St. Joseph's well (mine went in, hers didn't) and then we walked around. AS we got up to the main part of the ruins, Barb put her hand onto one of the largest parts of the ruins and just then the bells from the church next door started to chime! Oh, and I picked up some stones from Glastonbury Abbey too and some of them looked like they'd been part of the actual abbey!

After we left we went over to see the Cerne Abbas Giant, a man carved into the hillside (and he's got all of his parts, btw.). In that part of the country, the chalk is only a little bit down into the ground so it's not really deep or anything. No one knows how old it is - some people think it's really old and others think it's a more modern caricature of Oliver Cromwell. I like to think that it's older than that. Either way though, he's pretty impressive!

Next we drove through the New Forest for a little while and I saw some wild horses! The forest is really dense and very beautiful. After that we went to Salisbury and we decided not to go out to the pub that night because we were really tired. That's all for the weekend!