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Finally here!!!

Well, it's finally offical - I'm 21 in the UK!!! The first night was not great, since I was absolutely exhausted and had a headache on top of it. Those 24 hours were nuts!! The flights all went pretty well - the one from MSP to Toronto was kind of cramped but the seats were leather, so that wasn't too bad. The layover in Toronto would have gone better had a few more places been open!!! There were only a few stores open, and only 2 of them weren't STARBUCKS!!!!!!!! I had a soup and then worked on a Sudoku book that I bought (sigh - pathetic, I know!) out of boredom.

The flight was a little alte because some stupid American couple didn't have a passport for their child who they wanted to bring into Heathrow. That was frustrating, since it cost us about 35 minutes, which was multiplied by barely being able to sleep on the plane. I might have gotten 2 hours or so, but it sure didn't feel like it! I stayed up as late as I could on tuesday night to try to combat jetlag, but ended up falling asleep around 6 or 7 and sleeping for 12 hours! Luckily, I was completely on British time on Wednesday, so that worked out great!

Once I got into the UK, it was very easy to get throug customs and find Barb & Bill. Bill was a little rusty in his driving on the wrong side of the road, but once we figured out how to go through roundabouts we were fine! Once we parked in Oxford, Barb & Bill took me out to a pub (St. Aldates) for a birthday dinner and a half pint (I was already so sleepy, I didn't want a whole pint). I had some battered shrimp and chips (fries), and the food was great! I tried to wander around and stay up later, but ended up crashing early in the night! All in all, though, a pretty good start to my 21st year of life!