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My starter palace...

Well, Wednesday was a very entertaining day! We got up early and went straight to Blenheim Palace. It was absolutely stunning! The gardens are extremely well maintained and beautiful (Barb loved the grounds more than the palace itself) and it didn't even matter that not all of the flowers were planted. It's just so lush and green - absolutely incredible! The tour of the palace was fun, too. The rooms are all extremely opulent and exquisite - they even have 24 carat gold inlaid in the ceilings! It has a really interesting history, too. I think I could definitely see it as a starter palace... heehee

We ate at Blenheim (a tasty veggie soup and spring water) and then came back to Oxford to explore. We wandered around for awhile and then intended on taking a walking tour of the city, but ended up on a bus tour instead since all of the walking tours were done for the day! The bus tour was fun - we took a lot of good (I hope) pictures and learned about the castle and the oodles of colleges.

After, Barb & Bill and I went out for a pizza and then I met some of the girls from my room in the hostel and we all went out to an Irish pub (O'Grady's, I think) and watched a big football (soccer) match between Manchester United and Chelsea. They're both British teams, so the crowd was really fun and very enthusiastic. The match ended up going to a shoot out and then Man U won. It wasn't pretty surprising - as if New England had won the Super Bowl. I'll try to write again soon!!!