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Possibly a plan?

Well, I may just have figured out the rest of my plans but I won't know for sure until Monday when I get a confirmation email from the Streatey hostel. I emailed the hostel and was told that they still had openings, so I'm hoping for a very good morning tomorrow and an email saying that I actually DO have everything planned out!

I'm almost done with school, and I'm basically just waiting for all of my finals to be over so I can move home and get ready to go! Mom's helping me move tomorrow, so I have a long night ahead of me, packing up everything that I'm not wearing, using, or eating until Wednesday! Hopefully I'll be able to get enough sleep so that I don't crash entirely since i still have to rework my argumentation paper and study for my tech 2 and spanish tests. Oh, well - as long as I remember that it's only 8 days away, I should be able to get through this next week (though work might make me want to pull my hair out!!!).