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The Castle of a Lifetime!

Another fantastic day! It started out a little rainy and cold and I was a little worried that our streak of good days had come to an end but I was delightfully surprised! Barb & Bill picked me up around 9:30 and we went off to see our final 2 Shakespeare sights.

First we went to his church and burial site - Holy Trinity Church. There was a big old graveyard as we entered the grounds with a bunch of very old headstones. One of them had a hedge growing around it with the stone showing in the front! There was even a little bird living in there and now Barb says that she wants one on her grave! The church is big and very beautiful and old. Shakespeare's grave is in the back of the church and he's alongside some of his family members. The curse on his grave is a little faint by now but can still be picked out and is quite good! It's said that he was very much afraid of getting dug back up (as was common in those days) and so he had himself buried 15 feet underground to make sure he stayed in the ground for good!

We next went to his birthplace and the house of his parents. It looks rather large from the outside but it's only one room wide and so it isn't really all that large. I now understand why he gave his wife the second-best bed, though. The best bed in the hose is placed in the main sitting room and is used for guests and to show off the family's wealth. The second-best bed would have been used by Shakespeare and his wife as their marriage bed. They had a rather interesting setup there, with a little museum-type info display before you got to the house itself, but it was overall very interesting.

After that we went to a chocolatier across the street and had truffles and then went onto Warwick Castle. It's a real big, old castle like one you'd see in the movies about the Medieval ages. We first went through their 1989 display and although it was a little hokey at first it was really cool to see how people actually lived in these castles until rather recently. I also found out that Winston Churchill isn't very tall - only about 5'5" or so! We next went into the state rooms and they are absolutely stunning. They had a great setup and you could see that people really lived in there. Actually, we had to go back for two of the state rooms because the BBC was filming in there when we arrived!

Next we ate and then went on our biggest adventure of the week as far as I'm concerned - we went on the hike along the castle walk and up the turrets! That was pretty strenuous but the view from the top of the turrets made it entirely worth it to me! You could see for miles along the countryside! Next we went down into the dungeon and boy, was it creepy! There were a lot of crosses etched into the stone and names and dates showing just how long certain people were locked into the dungeon! CREEEPY!!!

At the end of the trip to Warwick we went over to see the flowers and it turned out that it was a peacock garden. After sitting down for awhile a few of them even came over to check us out. The peacocks keps showing off their feathers but the peahens did not seem at all interested!

When we got back to Stratford, it was raining a little bit so we decided to go to another pub and have a pint and a quick bit to eat and then go to bed since we all had a very big day! That's all for now - next up is Glastonbury, Bath and Avebury!!!!!!!