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Cathedral Day

I'm going to try to make this quick since I'm pretty far behind on my entries! On the 26th we first went to Salisbury cathedral. It was a pretty crappy start to the day since it was absolutely FREEZING and windy and rainy... as the British like to say, a typical bank holiday! We walked over to the cathedral and it was really beautiful, at least what I could see from underneath my umbrella! It has stunningly beautiful vaulted ceilings and they also have a very cool medieval clock that is still in working order - I bet Dad would have loved it. Bill sure spent awhile trying to figure it out! It doesn't have a clock face but it chimes the hour. I think it was really interesting and very cool that it is still working after all of these centuries.

After we left the cathedral we wandered over to the Mompesson House which is in the Queen Anne style. It's quite a beautiful house and it currently has an exhibition of the largest collection ever of 18th century drinking glasses. They were collected by a tennis player in the 1920s and let me tell you, there are a LOT of them!

Once we went through the house, we drove over to the Winchester Cathedral, which is definitely one of my favs so far. It was started by William the Conqueror and so the outside is in the Norman style (just to make sure that everyone knows who was in charge) but the inside has been almost completely redone in a Gothic style. I also liked that one part of the cathedral was not rebuilt and was left in the Norman style - I liked it for its simplicity after a week of extremely extravagant cathedrals and palaces. The simple style was very beautiful without needing to try very hard. Also we heard a story about a diver who saved the cathedral from sure destruction - ask me later if you want to hear it cuz it's a little long. We even got in to see the Winchester Bible - it was very intricate although it was never finished. Definitely worth the look if you ever get a chance!