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Last few days...

Well, once Barb & Bill dropped me off at my apartment I got REALLLLY busy right away! My roomie, Rachel, got to the flat just in time so that we could go on a walking tour of our area and then we got some food and had yet another meeting. The next morning we had to go to CAPA headquarters for our orientation, and then we went out wandering around town. Before the meeting Rachel and I tried to get out to see the changing of the guards but we only got to see the very end of it - we took the tube the wrong way, and had to backtrack! In the last few days I have seen the new Sex & The City movie in Kensington (Loved it!), gone shopping in Kensington, taken a bus tour around, gotten lost more than a few times, explored downtown London's nightlife and gotten back on a night bus, gone to see my internship site in Greenwich and stopped at a vintage store and street market, and been on the tube for the last day that you can have open bottles of alcohol or drink on the tube.

Actually, that last thing is a lot bigger deal than you probably expect, since back at home we can't have alcohol on public transport. On my first day here, Rachel and I saw a guy drinking at 10:30 AM while we were on our way downtown, so this was really pretty common. On Saturday, a bunch of people rode the trains all night long drinking and enjoying the last night that they could legally drink on the tube. The circle line had the biggest disruptions since it's just a big circle and people can ride it over and over again. One guy even had all of the tube stops from the Circle line that had toilets on the back of his shirt!

When we rode the tube after the movie, we encountered a big group of the revelers, but the best part was another guy who came into our carriage (2nd to last - the party was in the last carriage of all of the trains). He weaved around for awhile and after realizing that the party people were in the back, he ran out at the next stop and ran into their train and announced, "Cocktail party on the central line! No really, it's free! Cocktail party on the central line!" He was definitely the highlight of that experience for me. Well, that and the roar of the cheers that you could hear every time that we stopped at a station and the doors opened!

Here's an article about it - hilarious! The only frustrating thing was that it meant that some of the lines were partially or wholly closed today when we needed to find our internships. Still, I say that the hilarity was totally worth it!